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Book Chapter

Paul Sze. (2002). What has the educational reform got to do with education? Perspectives of an English language education practitioner. In P.K. Choi & K.M. Wong (Eds.), Critiques of the education reform (pp. 151-163). Hong Kong: Step Forward Multimedia. (in Chinese)

Magazine articles

“Playing by, and with, the rules: Why language awareness”. OUP(China) Newsletter, May, 2016:

8 Issues in Fam Magazine: January to August 2013 – English Learning by Young Children

Fam Mgz 2013-1 Four Skills in Lg Learning

Fam Mgz 2013-2 Interest & Confidence

Fam Mgz 2013-3 Phonics learning

Fam Mgz 2013-4 Learning to Read

Fam Mgz 2013-5 Vocabulary learning

Fam Mgz 2013-6 Grammar Learning

Fam Mgz 2013-7 Language Awareness

Fam Mgz 2013-8 Pronunciation Learning


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